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Collage Night at Dana


 For my on campus event I went to Collage Night at Dana. Two of my friend’s had pieces there. One of them is a photographer and has pretty silly photos. My other friend did an art presentation called Releasing Cranes. These are pictures of the aftermath. Unfortunately I forgot a camera that night. Lets see if I can give it justice with my description.

About a month before the show’s celebration, Iwonka told me she was going to do a piece on “letting go”. She explained that sometimes she struggles with letting go of certain things in her life and that this experiment would be just about that. She had anyone she could find write on colorful paper something in their lives that they wanted to forget. She meant something that was just holding you back from your full potential that you just wanted to forget. So what she did with the papers is folded them up into cranes and stacked about 200 of them in this bowl. She then lit them all on fire, letting go of all our fears, inhibitions and other barriers within our lives.

This project to me wasn’t completely about forgetting all these negative things, but rather giving them an honorable burial. It is us saying, “Thank you, you have taught me everything you can, now I need to move on”. I think that is what we should all do with our past. Not dismiss it completely, but also do not let it consume us. No one should live in the past. But we should also not make the same mistakes we once did. Life is a learning process. The way we get to the place we are presently is by our past experiences.

This piece was about letting things go from your conscience. So that we do not let them take control over our actions and emotions. We do however need to respect them and hold them deep within our subconscious where they will simmer and envelop their teachings into our souls. We are not able to move forward with them at the forefront of our minds, or without them.

There where lots of other wonderful art as well, made from many different mediums. There was a clay figure of an old saggin woman in a rocking chair called “Ready to Rock”. I liked that. My friend Valarie did a series of pictures with her dressed up as different characters and either falling, getting eaten by a lion or dressed up as a cat sitting in a bathtub. I wish I had pictures of them but that gallery was closed this morning. I do however have a picture of a giant spider made from bamboo and a pine cone.

Overall this event was a great way for a mixture of different artists to show off their creations. I think next year I might be a part of this. Because art can be anything as long as you care about it.


Second Day


I’ve changed my nostrils from the first day. They are very asymmetrical at this angle and with this light, and look very different from what I originally was going for. I finally got it to where I feel comfortable with going on. Maybe on Tuesday I will spend a small amount of time getting the shadows a little better on the left nostril.

Notice I am consciously not saying the false word, “perfect” in any of its forms. I am trying to disown myself from this idea and trying to shun it completely. This word, like I have said in many of my posts, is not the truth. It hurts me on my path to artistry instead of helping me in any single way.

Instead I am looking at the shapes of each individual color on my face. I am blending them together and creating an image out of them. This technique kind of reminds me of impressionism, or at least how all the impressionist artists have talked about their art.

I couldn’t find a video of anyone doing this technique. I found a lot of charcoal drawing self portraits, but never erasing. I really do love this though. it isn’t frustrating, but relaxing and consuming (in the best way).


Self Portrait


I find it interesting that I look at my face everyday, but yesterday was the first time I saw it in a new way. I didn’t know that was possible, well I guess aging is a big factor, but it’s different from that. It’s not necessarily the textures that I am focusing on, but the shapes that each shadow or highlight create. Its interesting. I don’t feel like I am drawing my own face. Maybe because I never have. It’s a new subject for me. I do like drawing faces, but have never thought about my own.

I feel like this assignment should be easier because I have been seeing my face in the mirror for years. But for the first time in a while I am discovering new details. Like I thought all my freckles disappeared as I got older, but nope, they’re still there.

I have started with my nose, basically the most protruding point on my face. I am now erasing different shapes around that central highlight. I think it was probably about an hour and a half that I was drawing, I am not even completely done with the nose. I need to liberate myself from being so meticulous. I just need to start erasing and see where it leads me.

If I were relating this back to my life, I definitely need to not be so hard on myself about small details. My perfectionism is making me so stressed. Today I had a panic attack. It lasted a long time and made me really sick. So what is the point of being so exact or focusing only on one detail like it is the end all of everything? Nothing. I shouldn’t. I think it is so hard to get rid of because I was raised with this mentality. Maybe it was by accident, but one scolding from my parents spiraled into this tornado that is my life.

This class is helping me get over myself though. My issues are probably never going away completely, but it eases my mind to try and disregard perfection.