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The Vibrant Woman


This is my ode to womankind. We are such vivacious and beautiful creatures. We should not be afraid to show off the wide spectrum that makes us who we are.  Nobody should be allowed to place us into one category. Housewife, feminist, bitch, slut, these words are used by those who think they understand us. But I say, “How can you put something so complex and powerful into one homogenous role?”

Spiritual, intuitive, strong, independent, loving, wild, vocal, intelligent, creative, passionate, intimate, intimidating, breathtaking……………. There is an infinite amount of words to describe the intricate ways of a woman. We do not want your worship, we do not want your obsession. Only respect us and we will let you see our majestic nature.

                “Sure God created man before woman.  But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.”

                                                                                                                ~ Unknown

My creature, named “The Vibrant Woman” is made up of superpowers from different animals. I will start from the bottom up to the top. She is sitting upon the grass which symbolizes her connection with mother earth and  center within this world. There is a flower at the base of her torso, to show her womanly power and passionate spirit. Her legs are structured like a cat, showing her independence, her mystery and her cleverness. Her whole torso is spiraled wire, meant to be seen through, she doesn’t hide anything. Her right arm is made out of turquoise beads to symbolize spirituality. This is shaped into a lobster claw which represents resolution, transformation and sensuality. The Vibrant Woman’s left hand is a monkey’s palm. Representing her playfulness, charm and energetic nature. Her face which is difficult to see, is facing upwards as if she is yelling out to the world. The face is made out of a plastic material that when put on black changes to a luminescent blue. Her face represented by an eye of a fly to show her watchfulness and divine presence. Her tail is of a horse’s and signifies beauty, grace and freedom.

The whole being represents strength, which is in every characteristic shown, but is predominant in the lion’s mane which wraps around her head. It is wild, which she is,  and represents as well her liberation.




I think that I tend to forget about all the different forms of art. Creativity can happen through so many different outlets. This week we started working with wire sculptures. We were suppose to make a fantastical creature made up of different animals. I started doing research for my subject about a week before by looking up the different meanings of animals. I started relating the qualities I was looking up to people in my life. To myself, then to my family and finally to my mother. She is woman who has many different angles to her personality. She has been a challenge for me during my life, and to the relationships she has had in her life. Complex is an understatement for her. She is indecisive, strong-headed and overly dramatic. On many occasions she has told me she is dying, when she only will be infected with an everyday flu. If she reads this, she will deny everything.

She is an incredible woman admittedly. She is a big role model in my life and has molded me into the person I am today. A lot of her teachings I think were unintentional, but her craziness as well has been effective on me. So what I decided to do, was depict my mother’s many qualities into my creation. I decided to use a cat for my base. They represent spirituality as well as many other facets:

  • Astute
  • Clever
  • Secretive
  • Mysterious
  • Intelligent
  • Intuitive
  • Supernatural
  • Watchfulness
  • Selective
  • Independent

So my mother. The two main components of my mother I want to depict, is her grounded nature and her humble power. She is very persuasive. She will listen to you and allow you to come up with an idea yourself that she already planted there long ago. It’s sneaky as well as ingenious. I started my critter with cat legs in a meditative lotus position and gave her right arm some turquoise beads and a crab claw to represent the beautiful nature of her power. I am planning to give her a mane from a lion to show her strength as a woman with dominating qualities.

It has been turning out much like I pictured, which is rare with me. But I still am having difficulties with the exact accessories to use for the different aspects of her. I don’t think I can give this to her though. I will tell her but, she will probably be in defense of herself. Mothers are funny that way.