Owning my Imperfections


Things that I have concluded since being in this class:

1. I can never fully escape my grasp of reality

2. Art takes frustration, pressure and intense observation

3. I will never ever in my entire life make something perfect!

I feel like perfection, even though I know that it is not a defying word, was what my subconscious has been striving for during my visual journey. It is a difficult notion to escape. I want so badly for my drawing to look like what is presented in front of me, but it doesn’t. I need to just draw and not think about the judgments I may have of myself. We are our own worst critics. This means we shouldn’t listen to ourselves with complete acceptance for one’s beliefs and criticisms.

The first day of drawing I was excited about the subject. Contours of the human form is may favorite subject to draw. I spent the whole time figuring out the shapes and edges of the mannequin’s head, I missed focusing on the other objects. Which in my opinion is perfectly fine. Art is about self-expression and I like to express human emotion in my drawings. So I think that accurately portraying a face is an important part of my artistic path.

With this assignment I am having fun, which was something lacking from my experience with the chair drawing. Yesterday I had to erase most of my face because the proportions made it look squished down. This was a hard thing to do, to erase a the head that looked almost as perfect as it could ever be… for now.

I have as well been having trouble this week with my other classes and this project has helped to calm me, and to realize that imperfection can make a more significant mark than pure perfection ever can. Imperfection is analyzed more and not overlooked. If everything is perfect we would all be happy and living in a dream world. We would have nothing to express, no emotion over objects or passion over events. But within this perfect world, is anything really perfect?


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  1. wow do I love this:
    I have as well been having trouble this week with my other classes and this project has helped to calm me, and to realize that imperfection can make a more significant mark than pure perfection ever can.

    I didn’t learn that til age 50!
    How much more interesting is your (imperfect) take on the matter than anything authoritarian and perfect? How much more inclined am I to participate and relate if it is not perfect? How much more curious I am and accessible you are in the imperfect expression?!

  2. What about redefining perfect as having the perfect experience rather than the perfect product. So, for example if the experience leads to discovery it’s perfect. When you abandon the notion of a specific result, it’s a perfect experience.

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